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If you’re concerned that you have a warrant out for your arrest, you might be curious to know if there is a way to look up that information without any government officials finding out. Luckily, it’s possible. And that’s where The Law Office of Ken Gibson comes in.

How We Can Help

Once we receive your call asking us to look up information on your warrant, we will be able to verify whether or not you have a current warrant out, and can schedule a meeting to discuss where to go from there.

If you do have a current warrant out for your arrest, we have a few options we can explore. Once we learn more about the charges against you, we can work together to build out a plan for your defense.

Your Options for an Outstanding Warrant

A couple options you might have to address a warrant out for your arrest include self-surrender and walk-through bond.

Self-Surrender is a way to confront your warrant head on. At a predetermined date and time, you would arrive at the court or jail to Self-Surrender and the judge would review your Self-Surrender report for a possible release on bond.

Walk-through bonds allow you to arrange for a bond before your actual arrest. A walk-through bond gives you the advantage of time, allowing you to get the bond process completed early so that you don’t have to spend time in jail.

What Your Warrant Type Means

The type of warrant you were issued could give you information about the charges against you. If you were issued an arrest warrant, it means that the law enforcement officer who obtained the warrant can place you under arrest due to information they have about you that creates probable cause that a crime occurred, and you are the person who committed it. Depending on the offense, the officer could show up at your home or job, or wait until you encounter an officer to arrest you.

A blue warrant is issued by the Texas Parole Board because the defendant’s parole is in danger of being provoked. If the parole officer and their supervisor believe you have committed an offense serious enough to have parole potentially revoked, they will issue this warrant type.

A bench warrant, like an arrest warrant, allows the officer to arrest you at any time, whether they come to you or not. This warrant is issued directly by a judge, typically because of not paying child support, skipping jury duty or missing court.

Why Ken Gibson?

The Law Office of Ken Gibson can anonymously contact the court system or use our own personal database to see if there is a warrant out for your arrest. If there is, we can contest the warrant against you or help you turn yourself into law enforcement in a way that gets you back home as quickly as possible. Whether you simply need our help looking up a warrant, or want us to be there with you at the finish line and battle the charges against you – we’re there for you, however you need us, whenever you need us.


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