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To find out if someone is an inmate in Travis County, you can use the Travis county’s Sheriff’s office website or call Sheriff’s office.  Having an attorney call can be helpful and useful to quickly find someone and get them out of jail quickly.

Attorney Ken Gibson can help you confirm if someone is currently in the Travis County Jail and can act immediately to begin the process of getting your loved one released. We are available 24 hours a day and our office is conveniently located near the Travis County Jail. Contact us right away for a free consultation.

If you find yourself in the Travis County Jail  or if you are concerned a family member might be in custody, we understand you may be feeling confused, especially if this is a first offense. Here is a guide to understanding the process of getting out of jail.

What happens first?

After arrest, a suspect will be taken into police custody at the jail. There, he or she will be booked, a process that includes collecting information about the suspect, documentation concerning the alleged crime and a background check revealing a suspect’s previous arrests. Police will take fingerprints and photographs, confiscate personal items and place the suspect in a holding cell or local cell.

How long does somebody stay in jail?

We get this question a lot. Unfortunately, there is no set amount of time a suspect may be held. It depends on how long booking takes, which varies based on how many other arrests have occurred at that time, and how slowly or quickly the suspect’s documentation is completed. A bond amount could be set in a few hours after arrest or possibly the next day.

A suspect is usually in jail for a minimum of six hours before he or she can be released. It also takes four to six hours for someone to be released after the judge signs the bond and the lawyer turns it into Travis County Central Booking. This may seem daunting, however it’s much faster with a lawyer than if the suspect tries to achieve release on his or her own.

Do you need a lawyer to get someone out of jail?

An experienced lawyer is a fast pass to get a suspect out of jail. Licensed Texas attorneys can meet with their client in jail, collect the findings of background checks, handle paperwork for the bond, and swiftly set up face-to-face time with a judge to set the bond amount.

How much does a lawyer cost?

It depends on the case. If a client has a record of previous arrests, domestic violence, or felonies, the fee will be higher because it will be more challenging to achieve a release versus representing a client who has been arrested for the first time.

When you call us for your free consultation, we’ll be upfront about the amount of your potential fee. In most cases, we apply the fee as a retainer for Ken Gibson’s services representing the suspect later for trial. We accept all major credit cards over the phone.

Where is the Travis County jail?

The Travis County Jail is close to the office of Ken Gibson, which is convenient for him to respond to clients quickly.

The Travis County Jail (TCJ) is located in downtown Austin on the corner of 10th Street and San Antonio at 500 W. 10th Street Austin, Texas 78701.

The Travis County Correctional Complex (“Del Valle”) is located at 3614 Bill Price Road Del Valle, Texas 78617. The Travis County Correctional Complex is located just east of the Austin Airport.


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