Track Record of Having Charges Reduced and Dismissed

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A Track Record of Having Charges Reduced and Dismissed

Being arrested does not mean you’ll be convicted and sentenced to jail. A strong attorney can help you fight the charges against you, working to have them reduced or dismissed.


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A History of Winning

The world is rife with attorneys who are happy to stand beside you while you take a plea deal or plead guilty. They never intend to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed. The attorneys at The Law Office of Ken Gibson have decades of years of experience in criminal trials and a winning record of getting charges reduced and cases dismissed.


Affordable Payment Plans & Free Consultations

Having a competent, experienced legal counsel can make all the difference in a case. We offer flexible payment plans and free, no-obligation case reviews to make expert legal representation accessible to all.


Sample Google and Facebook Reviews:

If you want an attorney that will go the extra mile, you should get Ken and Park on your side.


Ken went above and beyond, dealing with both me and my legal matter, to get a resolution that allows me to live my life to the fullest.


Not only has Ken has helped me, he’s also helped friends that I have sent his way. He’s a great guy that will work hard to get you the best result.


Dealing with a DWI charge is a headache, but Ken and Michelle made it as painless as possible. On my initial consultation with Ken, he told me he’d get my case dismissed, and that’s exactly what he did! The office was excellent at keeping me informed every step of the way.


We Empower and Educate Our Clients

We want our clients to make educated, informed decisions about their cases, and we treat them as active participants in their own defense. As such, we empower our clients with education and knowledge about their case, so they can have their side of the story heard in court.


I Blew a 0.11 and Was Charged With a DWI - I made appointments with about five local lawyers, including Ken. My friend, whose sister had a DWI, recommended him by saying, “not sure how, but she didn’t plead guilty.” All of the lawyers I met had great reviews, but ONLY Ken is specializedin and dedicated to only DWI cases.

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Your Side of The Story Can Set You Free

The attorneys at The Law Office of Ken Gibson know that a true story told well can turn the tide of a case. Law enforcement and the prosecution will have their side of the story, but the attorneys at The Law Office of Ken Gibson want to tell yours. From the beginning, we will fight for your rights and seek the most favorable outcome for you by investigating your case, calling witnesses, and presenting evidence that proves your innocence or uncovers weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. With a strong advocate in your corner, you can feel confident telling your side of the story.

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Research shows that 84 percent of people trust reviews they read online as much as recommendations from friends and family. At The Law Office of Ken Gibson, we are grateful for what our clients say about us in person and online, and we’re proud of the 5-star scores we have on Google and other online rankings.

Contact us today to schedule a free case review online and start planning your defense. Whether you hire our firm or not, you’ll leave the conversation with more knowledge than before, feeling empowered to fight the charges against you.

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