Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion Program in Travis County, TX

Pretrial diversion is an alternative sentencing option for specific kinds of offenses. In pretrial diversion programs, the defendant can complete alternative sentencing in lieu of being incarcerated. It can mean lighter punishment and avoiding jail time.

What Does Pretrial Diversion mean?

Pretrial diversion is an alternative to going to prison. The programs typically include measures like fines, community service, and counseling for substance abuse as opposed to traditional punishment like jail time. It occurs before trial and can save court resources because a trial does not need to take place.

What is the Travis County Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion Program?

The Travis County Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion Program is a joint effort of the Travis County Adult Probation Department and the Travis County Attorney’s Office. It often lasts six months, but can be longer in some cases. Offenders typically do not have to report to a probation officer regularly, but completion of the conditions is mandatory.

It requires that a number of stipulations be met including:

  • Paying a required, one-time supervision fee of $152.00 prior to meeting with a Pretrial Diversion Officer
  • Being a first time offender
  • Completing community service hours or counseling
  • Not violating any laws or being arrested for another offense
  • Notifying law enforcement of any change in address in writing
  • Cooperating with the Pretrial Diversion Officer and any counseling or support agency personnel

Completion of the program results in cases being dismissed.

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