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If you have a friend or relative who is currently in an Austin jail after being arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), you have come to the right place. As a dedicated DWI defense attorney, Ken Gibson understands the jail release procedures in Austin. He can help you arrange to have your loved one released and also provide a consultation on how to fight the pending charges.

The Arrest Process

To arrest someone for DWI, the officer must have probable cause that he or she is guilty of this crime. If there is enough evidence, an individual may be placed under arrest and brought back to the police station for booking. At this time, the DWI suspect will be fingerprinted, photographed, and entered into the system. The arresting officer will then file an affidavit, which contains a description of the events that occurred and the crime that the suspect is accused of committing.

Before the suspect can be released from jail, he or she must first attend a bail hearing. At this hearing, the judge will look at the suspect’s charges and criminal history before setting a bail amount. In Travis County, judge are typically available for bail hearings between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m.; however, individuals booked outside of these times may have to wait until the next day to learn the amount of their bail.

In some cases, the suspect may be released on his or her own recognizance, which means that not bail is required but he or she must show up to court or face arrest. If your loved one is required to post bail, but he or she does not have the money and cannot borrow it, you can work with a bail bondsmen. This option requires a portion of the bail amount as well as collateral in case the suspect does not go to jail and the bondsmen loses their money.

DWI Hobby Release

If it is late at night and there is currently no judge available to set bail, it may be possible to get a late-night release so your friend or family member doesn’t have to stay in jail overnight. This process is known as a “hobby” release, named after former Lieutenant Governor William Hobby. To begin the hobby release process, please contact Mr. Gibson right now for assistance.

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