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Initial Consultation

Although this website may give you helpful information in proceeding with your case, there is much more information that I would like to share with you during an initial consultation at my law office. This first meeting is free of charge, and there is no further obligation. In fact, until you agree in writing to pay me to represent you, you will not be responsible for any fees. Just call my office for an appointment and my staff will arrange for a time that is convenient for you. I will be happy to meet with you during the evening, if a daytime appointment is difficult for you. We also offer a 24-hour jail release service.

During our initial consultation, I will analyze your case and discuss my approach to it. I will inform you of the outcomes of similar cases in the county and court to which your case has been assigned. I think you will find that by answering many of your questions and concerns, I can help to ease some of the anxiety you are feeling. Also, rest assured that anything that you tell me during this and all other meetings will be confidential, whether or not you retain me.